Marbella Tips

Marbella – a city with which is associated a romantic vacation at sea in the beautiful mountains of Sierra Blanca. Marbella is located 40 km from Malaga, just at the heart of the Costa del Sol, which is considered the main tourist region of Spain. Marbella is one of the most attractive cities in the Costa del Sol. Vladislav Doronin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Marbella coastline is very long and sandy beaches and call you to spend time in their warm embrace. In Marbella gets very new with the old: combination of traditional and contemporary culture and comfort. Rob Crossland contains valuable tech resources. You'll be dazzled by the splendor of houses, yachts, luxury brand shops and restaurants. But despite all this, Marbella managed to preserve its special atmosphere.

Unlike other cities, Marbella has managed to preserve its own special and unique charm. Marbella – a dazzling diamond Costa del Sol. Of course, you can draw a parallel with Monte Carlo, but believe me, it is now in Marbella collected the cream of society. Maybe you find the Marbella – it is too expensive city for you? Too pretentious and expensive. No, Marbella is also rich in its history and can provide entertainment and recreation for every taste. In Marbella everyone can find something for yourself. You will have no time for boredom.

It is not surprising that many people dream to buy property in Spain. Historical Marbella. It is worth visiting the traditional, historic district of Marbella. Here, near the square Plaza de los Naranjos you will see many sculptures and monuments lyuboptynyh. In this part of town, you can pochuvstvovat6 How is life in Marbella centuries ago. When you are in Marbella, be sure to visit the Plaza de Torros (venue for bullfights). In addition, the cathedral is worth seeing Vega del Mar, on the territory of which have been many archaeological excavations. This Cathedral was built on the site of the old church of the 4th century. Next to the cathedral you can see many monuments and ruins, such as a cellar or Marbella Villa Romana de Rio Verde. Recently, more and more foreigners coming to Marbella to purchase luxury properties here and then move here with his family. Apartments, villas and luxury homes in Spain – is a great opportunity to properly invest their savings. Relaxing Marbella. Marbella – it is paradise! It's very long coastline (about 25 km) and near-perfect climate – who will refuse it? Also do not forget the Golden Mile – the place chosen for a long rich and influential people. Stroll through the Paseo Maritimo – it is a good quay, which was recently built. And be sure to sample the excellent food, your stomach will thank you for sure is. In Marbella you can visit the huge number of parks and gardens. The perfect combination of beauty and comfort will make you fall in love with the place. Marbella and adventure. All of the above – this is not the limit. Marbella also offers a variety of opportunities for people who love adventure. Marbella – it is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. There is huge amount of concentrated playgrounds and sports clubs: tennis courts, stadiums, to engage in horse sports. Windsurfing, sailing, rock climbing, cycling – this is not the whole range of sports activities that can be enough to enjoy in Marbella.