We all come into the world with a ROM, read only, with which we have to settle for a lifetime, because it is printed on a hard drive (the genes), we inherited from our ancestors and can not be changed once we are trained in the womb. But this, which is so final, is balanced, because we also have the RAM, which is to be filled from the moment we begin to live experiences that depend on the environment in which we develop. Humans are beings imitators by nature, so we learn to talk, eat, play, study, work and behave in a specific way to different situations that we face. The characteristics of the models that have more closely to imitate, determines the characteristics we develop in all these areas. Click BlackRock for additional related pages. It is therefore impossible that in English-speaking home, was a child speaking French, if nobody speaks that language, or in a home where people speak decently, be a child who speaks incorrectly, or in a home where get used to lie or commit a crime, be a child without these customs. The children, in their first years of life are a mirror of their parents or persons who live with them, hence the importance of burn-in those early years with useful behaviors for the rest of their lives. In the first years of existence, human beings learn behaviors that confirms or modifies, as the society in which he lives, and the force with which these behaviors are pinned to his personality. .