Is There A Life After Diving? Yes, At Sam

‘Dive & chill’ is the motto for 2011 at the end of the Regenboges in the Pacific island State every diver knows the dilemma: hardly one has finished a stunning dive, you want to actually immediately exchange the bottles and once again plunge into the wonderful world of Neptune’s Kingdom. This is especially true when they took the long journey from Europe to Palau on which to spend his diving holiday here on one of the place selected regularly for the ten best diving areas in the world. Nevertheless, comes inevitably at some point of time at which the maximum saturation level is reached and the diver must bridge the period up to the next dive. On the dive of Sam’s tours then get bored on. Underwater photographers and videographers have a perfectly equipped digital photo and video Center, where seven iMacs equipped with matching image – and video-editing software and put the finishing touches to the digital output of the day.

Who could solve intellectually, not even from work or with family and friends the envy factor want to stoke can quickly check emails or send the first pictures. Further, it then goes to the bottom time bar & Grill. For the small appetite after diving the kitchen team daily fresh fish and traditional bar snacks offers, the probably the best cappuccino in the Pacific. To advanced hour returning divers for the beer share the experiences of the day and not rarely joined yachtsman from the Marina on the site to the cozy round. For all active or the last day before the return flight, the team recommends the dive a kayak tour through the Rock Islands. The planet blue kayak tours guides know the waters of Palau, as well as the flora and fauna of the natural paradise inside and out and share this knowledge with enthusiasm and dedication to the guests. More info on Sam’s tours under (English) (German) or author: Judith Hoppe