Of course, she wears and the therapeutic effect, making many practitioners highly appreciate it. This effect can be compared with the confession, there is also a relief when you tell all the secret stories from his life to the witness. This practice-a tribute to our commitment to the collective sharing of feelings. However, all the most important thing is to us alone, birth, death, like a true return back. All of our union are temporary and we must understand in order to not lose time, do not walk on roads that have already passed. Electrolux often addresses the matter in his writings.

Technique witness may help to solve the psychological problems of a certain level, to help realize the repetition in life, to extract energy from the past, but this is only a small part of what we need to travel to Infinity. Primordial intention to recall all of recapitulation, serves as a catalyst for this kind of memories that allow us to understand your own nature. For example I would like a pair of cases connected with the history and recapitulation, taken from entries in my diary of those years, they have personality, but it seems to me, give an idea as it may be spontaneous recapitulation. "Recalling the incident from his childhood, I felt the pressure in the solar plexus, dizziness, and the next moment I was in the water, gray waves, dusk, I saw a burning skeleton of the ship. Beside me in the water were two of my young children. I tried to keep them, but I picked up strength.