Implementation of Business Ideas

From a letter to the reader: "I have a lot of new business ideas, the issue is implementation. The problem of finding an investor or partner to manufacture, distribute. I believe and know that you can achieve anything, but it is easy to say, "Go and do it." Between idea and implementation – the abyss. " This situation is typical of many start-ups. Why good ideas that could turn into a profitable business and do not find their embodiment in life or are sold someone else? To learn how to build a bridge between the idea and the reality of our today's conversation … Fountain of empty space with ideas machine does not move frequently can be seen that a future employer, like a fountain from which so bryzzhut ideas. These ideas are all sizes and qualities, among them there are great, medium and very small, are vivid and interesting ideas, but more often it is viable, but not outstanding. (One of the methods of generating business ideas, we talked to here: how to make a million dollars on the problems) Mind "wound up" in the business tirelessly generating ideas, but not each of them becomes a real business – an idea that turns into a real business revenue. Moreover, there are plenty of people who year after year continue to produce and generate new ideas, but none of them are not carried out. More precisely, if carried out, but someone else then a failed businessman attend two opposite feelings: joy – "I thought of this before," and regret – "I wish to implement the idea by someone else." The person in this situation, similar to a car running at idle: engine committing turnovers, but the car is stationary.