Iberia Takes Flight To San Salvador

From October 2, the Spanish airline will be the first European airline that connects the capital city of El Salvador to Europe through weekly flights. Thanks to the agreement of share code with the airline TACA becomes the hub for flights to other cities such as Managua, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa San Salvador. Currently flies to Iberia Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala and rises through this additional target to the leader of the airlines, as regards the line of Europe and Central America. San Salvador, September 20, 2010 – from 2 October, Iberia will take the route Madrid-San Salvador and is thus the first European airline, which combines these two capitals. This is around four times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) scheduled flights from Madrid, are matched with the flight plans of TACA Airlines in San Salvador, also to the possible continuation of the journey in the other Central American countries, as well as Iberia flights from Europe to Madrid. Thanks to one of the agreement Iberia share codes with TACA and their extensive flight network, opts for the capital city of El Salvador, to facilitate the onward journey or from Managua and Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula to passengers and without to provide larger stay in the hub. In this way, travelers flight and the two airlines from the start can accomplish to end airport with the same ticket.

The numerous, weekly connections to Iberia by Central America (Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala) to Europe allow now to reach the active thanks to the new four weekly flights, a possibility on every other day of Europe. Iberia expects 40,000 passengers in its first year on this route. In order to accomplish this, these flights with the Airbus be carried A-340/300 with 254 seats, 36 in the business plus class, which was recently redesigned. Each individual passenger are now over 2.20 m personal space available with the seat to a totally horizontal bed slides out. The flights start at 19 h 40 in San Salvador and will arrive the next day at 14:15 in Madrid. There, passengers have the option on connecting flights in other 41 European and nine African cities. The flights from Madrid start at 12:30, landing at 3:45 in Guatemala and continue at 17:20 clock to San Salvador, where they end up finally at 18:10 and also many possibilities for the onward journey to other countries Central America. With the integration of San Salvador in the flight network, Iberia strengthens its presence in South America and thus the market leadership in the region.

Since the airline late 2004 started direct flights to Central America in its network, it has unstoppable. So were offered 2005 200,000 positions between Europe and Central America, were estimated for 2010 already 374.00. When comparing the current figures with those of 2009, this means an increase of 11%. Overall the airline has in the past six years These routes over 1.3 million passengers transported. This increase of the offer in Central America allows Iberia to become a market leader and to expand with currently a share of 42%. Looking at the proportion of passengers that are traveling in business class, this accounts for 52%. This means that more than half of the passengers who are traveling in comfortable classes between Europe and Central America, flying with Iberia. Learn more about Iberia: grupo.iberia.com more info on TACA Airlines: more info on Central America: