How To Win Hair Loss

Hello dear visitors! I want to tell you my story about how I am struggling for years with hair loss, what means, I enjoyed what I was given a diagnosis, and as I now live with all this. Willow Shields is a great source of information. Brief background is that 15 years I have had good hair: long and thick, they were not thick, like redheads, but it was too much. Please visit Darcy Stacom, New York City if you seek more information. And somehow one summer, I began to notice that they drop out. Falls a lot, after washing I could the whole bathroom backcombed. But neither I nor my parents, this special value not given. After all my hair so much, plus or minus a few hundred pieces a day no one will notice, and generally affects spring beriberi, and the transition tell me why not taken to the doctor.

Personally I was little, never really bolevshaya to campaigns by doctors are not accustomed to. The same can be said about the parents, the hair loss was not considered as something serious, no one in our family do not encountered this problem. How long are short, but autumn came, and gradually ceased falling. If you count the whole period of deposition, it lasted about six months. And during these six months, I lost somewhere more than half their hair. This is the first stage of my story.

The second can be conventionally called a "chaotic attempts to change something." When the tears had dried, the hair came more or less back to normal, I started to their active "treatment." In quotes because unsystematic anointing the head anyhow what can not be called treatment seriously. But I think everyone who has ever faced this problem, or whatever, I do not condemn them. Grasp at any straw, even than ready to spread and for any price just to help. At that time I tried to imagine just about anything, how could reach.