Hewlett Packard & Spirit Of Event

You will forget information. Experiences not! The Agency will perform spirit of event as a preferred vendor for the IT company Hewlett-Packard (HP) since many years Europe-wide events. “How successful and seamless cooperation works, shows the latest project: HP developed together with one of the world’s most successful automotive companies under the name of VANconnect” a concept for the fleet management with the help of mobile and cloud technologies. Spirit of event was responsible for the appropriate communication strategy. (A valuable related resource: Learn more). We serve our customers. Karl Brandt is so simple that, global account manager at Hewlett-Packard, came up to event of spirit with a clear-cut task: we wanted our complex solution present at a press event of our customers, both on a fair, which draws the future direction of the automotive group at the Centre and thus for our innovative product from the HP business area application services plays a supporting role. It was clear: we urgently need a communications professional to our site, which can easily handle all of these diverse requirements.” Birgit Lukidis, Managing Director of spirit of event, recognized the potential for the long-time customers HP: the invitation to the press conference and the exhibition was for HP the chance of an extremely innovative services to give a face. A face that no one forgets! “There was to transport a lot of technical information on the other hand communication far beyond numbers, data and facts, should be enough.” Birgit Lukidis continues: but to anchor sustainable information in the target group, it takes whatever emotions and surprising moments, and this applies in particular to technical content and messages! We understand our task.

precisely this balancing act” Things to think about to end. That’s our plan. In practice, this meant: spirit listening to and thinking about solutions. Where is placed the information? Where are the media used? When explained in what technical depth? The result: Spirit developed for HP a 2-minute commercial, which explains the value of HP application for customers of the automaker on simple, amusing, but very catchy way. Spirit wrote Moderationsleitfaden for the press conference, designed a booth, wrote multistage invitations for the Conference, designed a 45-minute presentation including dramaturgy and design, wrote information modules for press releases and developed many functioning communication and event tools. In addition wanted adhered to schedules, be matched processes and completed to do lists. Karl Brandt by HP was enthusiastic: all required resources that we internally at HP could muster, nor had to. We have focused entirely on our core task: the development of smart solutions.

And the team spirit of event cared with bite and passion as our service provider to all the rest. It worked as smoothly as in a paged event Department!” ABOUT SPIRIT OF EVENT the spirit of event GmbH was founded in 2000 and is an owner-managed agency headquartered in Tubingen. Birgit Lukidis Halama leads the company and celebrates great success in Live Communications for Hewlett-Packard, carrier, WISAG, as well as for medium-sized companies in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Germany with your employees. USP of service provider is the result-oriented realization of events. While the communication goal starring flanked by creative design and pragmatic planning.