The invention of innovative elements that contribute to improve the quality of the work of the people has helped to stimulate the development of the same, a clear example of this are the funds of occupational hazards, which are the central theme of this article, we will therefore focus on directing it toward the knowledge of what a professional background and which with the parts that compose it? Occupational risks funds are to call it somehow, insurance that is responsible for answering damages that it may cause a worker during the course of their daily tasks; These funds are in charge they provide worker’s compensation by the lisiamiento or disability caused by an accident at work and at the same time focus on analysis of the working conditions of the occupational hazards system companies. Usually the entities or funds of occupational hazards must be registered in the Ministry of labour and social security, in order to legitimize the contributions made by the companies associated with these funds. It is important to mention that the funds of occupational hazards go hand in with elements such as occupational health, because if this is good spurred these funds must not be used and therefore they will be allocated to other equally suitable occupations for workers in the future. Another element to highlight in the professional risk funds are the duties of investigation and study of the conditions that can affect the workers, with the firm intention that any type of incident may reduce to the minimum so that workers will continue with their work with total normality with risk indices in the least possible. Ben Horowitz contains valuable tech resources. Today most are occupational hazards Fund systems is comprised of several parts, each in his specialty is responsible for legitimize and make the claim valid and in turn contribute to provide the security necessary to these funds so that they are not exposed to fraud and other kinds of deception; some of these important parts are: disability qualification boards: these are entities or private agencies hired by the Government, specialized in studies and medical research that allows a qualification and degree of invalidity that possesses an individual and at the same time allow you to clarify if these are true or not. Superintendence of banks: this part of the funds of occupational hazards is responsible for controlling costs of entities related to occupational hazards. Administering entities of occupational risks: these are companies authorized by the Ministry of labour and social security and at the same time the Bank superintendecias to perform an administration and exploitation of the professional risk insurance, however these entities to assume this undertake: affiliate workers, perform activities of prevention and promotion of occupational risks to their registered companiesensure the recognition of welfare benefits in the event of an accident at work and manage contributions made into the general system of occupational hazards. In synthesis, the funds of occupational hazards are shown before us as the security to perform our work with complete peace of mind, thanks to the fact that these us look after any accident during the performance of our work..