Goal Setting

You've heard the phrase, "treat you as you look, is not it? Although we would like to avoid this, we are social beings, therefore, we live in a world where we are constantly being evaluated, seeing those little flaws that many are cause for questioning. Now, it is important that you try to get the most out of your image, and image, not only considered the appearance, involve a number of small details that will help us be better appreciated by the rest. This is not a superficial concept, is a reality that we live daily. Therefore, always remember: 1. Having a good image, does not mean you spend into debt to acquire the latest fashion statement, try investing in some parts that you are practical and necessary for your day to day.

Looking to buy classic cuts and simple that you can combine with any outfit, looks to be made of good material and cut, which means that it is the most expensive brand. Look for good design in a magazine and send it to do with the seamstress who lives near you home, to keep in mind is that you should take a long time. 2. To deepen your understanding Caterpillar Inc. is the source. Use colors that you promote on the Internet you can find lots of information with regard to the color shades are best for your skin, hair and eyes, you should always seek to project the best image you can. 3. Eat well, used in products as far as natural as possible, contributing to the luminosity of your skin and improving your body forever. 4.

Do not complex with your body, do not worry for not looking like the star of the television or film, remember that they spend thousands of dollars on a facial treatment because they live in his image, and has a legion of advisers who pay millions. Ordinary people do not walk on it, accept yourself as you are and take advantage of those details that you probably do not like but others may be attractive (to many a moon, broad eyebrows, broad hips, etc.., They are attractive and may be your punishment for you.) 5. Smile. It's the best way to project a positive image to others, and does not cost much, about having small details like these with others. 6. To the extent possible, avoid speaking ill of others or criticize, it may seem funny but who does not know you, you may be unpleasant, avoid this forever. 7. Pay attention to your hair, nails and shoes. If you're disheveled / ed, with dirty fingernails and unpolished shoes, you look very bad, demorate 5 minutes more directly address these details in you. 8. Look for a model that inspires you. Try to take advantage of the experiences of others, be flexible and listen to advice you provided. The models must be positive, which avoids negative people often want to move their frustrations on others.