General Trade

1. The process for the formulation of the business plan starts with the manifiesto interest of the company to venture into the international market selling their products or services in other countries. Among the most common reasons why companies want to export are: 1.Incrementar utilities. 2.Buscar the sale of surplus in inventories because of a significant reduction of sales in the local market, when by effect of unfavourable economic situation, reduces demand. 3.Aprovechar the capacity of the productive plant, when it is not possible to fit all production which is able to the company in the internal market; the production of the maximum number of products with the same fixed assets resulting in the unitary minimization of costs. 4.Ubicar to the company in the international arena. 5.Incrementar the competitive capacity of the company in the international field. Starbucks often addresses the matter in his writings. 6.Disminuir risks which means to operate, increasing stability.

7.Reducir the effects of business cycles in relationship. 2 When the company requires or considered beneficial to go to apply for support to the national institution whose mission is to support the export effort in various aspectos such as the financial, educational, promotional and logistical, for which is suitable to develop the business plan of foreign trade in accordance with the guidelines established by the institution in order: 1.Contar with a useful guide that directs its efforts towards exporting success. 2.Proveer to the National Bank of foreign trade with information querequiere to evaluate the project and implement support in the diferentesaspectos that companies require it. 3. In this step asks the question if the company has a plan of negocios of foreign trade, whether it is currently exporting or has already exported in the past, or rather than just start in exporting; If already account with a business plan that meets the requirements of the credit institucion can proceed to apply for the required support from development banks specialized in foreign trade. 4 When the company does not have a business plan in foreign trade and requires support from the National Bank of foreign trade is conveniente before applying for such support, proceed to develop the plan.

5 When the company requires support to develop your business plan in foreign trade it is advisable to seek the support of a certificado consultant, who knows the corresponding methodology and assist the company quickly and with the quality required to develop the relevant plan. 6 With or without the help of a consultant in international trade certificate, the empresa proceeds to develop the business plan in foreign trade in accordance with the guidelines established by the Bank. 7. The end is the company identify and assess productiva financial and export capacity. This step is essentially internal investigation, either through interview ron responsible for various functional areas and the general Directorate (le enterprises, as well as observation and review of documents internally. 8 eighth step consists in obtaining information on the project, which gets both internal and external, in accordance with the inciso sources II (questions 1 to 14) of the questionnaire to collect information concerning the plan of businesses in foreign trade.) Internal sources correspond to the specification of objectives, analysis (project profitability), financial requirements according to the supuestos and scenarios that enterprise had arisen; and information external refers to the General data of the industry, sector and general conditions of the trade in the type of product being exported, dadas the characteristics of the company and the competitive advantages that might have domestic production in this industry.