Foreign Language

How does the knowledge of foreign languages on the salary and career prospects? The so-called "working" knowledge of the language (ie not the result of the school curriculum, and the ability to use language in professional life) is very valuable in most companies. Therefore, an employee who owns a foreign language at a good level in the professional field (of course, if in doing so he qualified specialist) Employer encouraging and he has a chance of promotion. For large companies hire young professionals, corporate learning a language – an important part of personnel policy. New employees in the first year of service not only to delve into specifics, but also acquire knowledge of the "working" language. These solutions help the employer in a fairly short period of time to acquire the employee fully meets its needs and bringing the company's profit. In some companies, increasing staff delivered directly dependent on the level of language skills.

2. Attention is paid to whether the knowledge of foreign languages at the job? (On non-core position)? Of course, given. The degree of attention to this most directly dependent on the particular company and its "foreign" connections. In the representative offices of foreign companies and international corporations are requirement is most important. However, even completely Russian companies without foreign partners who are interested in professionals who know foreign languages. There is a stereotype that foreign language proficiency speaks more highly qualified candidate. Therefore, often when hiring preference for all other characteristics equal to other candidates. Information obtained from the site