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Need for professional Web conferencing takes Arkadin, one of the world’s largest service providers for location independent collaboration continued to soar Frankfurt, July 16, 2013 -, reports a sharply increasing demand on Web conferencing. Compared to the previous year, the order volume at Arkadin 61% has risen here. Market researchers assume industry Frost & Sullivan annual growth of around 20 percent up to the year 2014. As one of the most important drivers for the strong demand for Web conferencing, Arkadin provides continuously increasing efficiency pressure in many companies. Audio conferences are only partly effective, if discussed a document or a presentation without Visual support is stopped.

By sharing a document with colleagues or external partners in real time via Web conferencing companies make sure that nobody loses the connection”, explains Markus Bleher, Managing Director of Arkadin Germany GmbH. By professional Web conferencing services, the participants can their documents, applications or even their entire PC screen share and even other participants give the opportunity to “split” documents and control applications from a remote location. It does not matter whether the participant sits on the PC or tablet or Smartphone takes part in the Conference. The productivity of virtual conferences greatly increases when compared to the pure audio conference.” Web conferences, so the Visual parts of a PC, a laptop or a Tablet PC, intensively used at site cross-project work, cross-site presentations as well as technical support or online training. More and more this service also becomes the standard in the communication with external suppliers and service providers – including clients in the B2B area. Arkadin provides two in Germany, the necessary support with over 50 offices worldwide, thereof. Relative to the overall market by frost & Sullivan market observers go up to the year 2014 of an annual average growth of Web conferencing by 20 per cent. In contrast, Arkadin is currently with a growth rate of 61%, far above the industry average.