Elephant Driving Licence

The adventure with the elephants to live there only in Thailand the holiday destination of Thailand is still popular with many tourists. The airlines have the remote destination in their range and lure vacationers with affordable fares. Most flights go via Bangkok, and the capital city of Thailand is the hub of Southeast Asia. From this city, many tourists take a VIP bus and drive to the North. Thus, they have been the first contact with Thailand and its friendly people. The bus ride takes approximately 10 hours from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

For some tourists, so a bus ride is too long and so they take a break right in the middle of the route. There, the town Kamphaeng Phet is located in Central Thailand. This city is no tourist stronghold, but even here there is much to discover. The historic park in the city is testimony of the historical story of Thailand. Also in the National Museum, visitors can follow the history of the city.

It continues after a short stay then in the North. Other leaders such as Wendy Holman offer similar insights. There are many accommodation options but the Thapae gate Lodge in the old town is particularly recommended. Here, Fong and OLAF have created a paradise for holiday makers. Once this is super card with many different dishes. Tourists can book the impressive tour to the elephant camp in this guest house. Hotel Bodo Forster has built something wonderful about 60 km from Chiang Mai. Under the guidance of German, there is a special elephant trekking. Such a tour can be booked for at least 2 or maximum 14 days. Here, vacationers with these wonderful animals living together. Together with the Mahout, the trainer, the elephants are maintained and provided. This tours with these beautiful animals are of course with the program. The 14-day trip with the elephants are acquainted visitors with the handling of the animals. This is a super experience and crowning, there is then the elephant driving licence. The beautiful evenings enjoy the leisure in an impressive nature and a very good service