Effective Teamwork

Friday, the end of the day. Sergey all in a lather. Chief of urgently needed reports. The phone rings incessantly. Under most conditions Jim Umpleby would agree. Andrew recalled that the planning session on Monday. Genet urgently needed document. Sasha aims to discuss the project. Client hastens with the solution.

Finally, call the chief and asked why the report was not ready, what, in fact, Sergei busy and if he needed the salary. Before the project, Sergei gets to seven in the evening, the customer decides to issue after nine. Difficult Sergei's life … Unpleasant situation familiar to many. The way to change it there. Imagine that a company's system is organized to work together and all staff work in a single information space.

Required Documents and files are shared. The system contains information about all projects that are underway in the company of all the tasks related to projects. It reflects the real status of each task – what works conducted, which are carried out, how much time, money and resources still need to be completed. Each problem – an island around which the activity is focused performers. The task related files, resources, incidents statements of income and spending income, lists of planned and completed work. Artists discuss and comment on the problem, ask each other questions, give assignments. The system sends notifications about the origin of the performers new incidents reminders of events and so on. At the same used for the entire arsenal of modern technology – chat rooms, online conferences, blogs, wikis, version control systems and the like. Such system dramatically increases the level of awareness of each employee. Save the sea of time. Necessary documents – at your fingertips. Information on the implementation of projects, tasks, mining accidents – too. All issues are resolved through system. Lost the need to make a lot of phone calls. And by the call you are much more rare – a good opportunity to get right to work. The system makes the work more transparent to employees leader.