Diet And Cholesterol

In first, the participants ayunaron during periods of 24 hours (only could drink water) and later they were fed on normal form during other 24 hours, that successive way. In the group control any restriction in the nutritional habits did not prevail. Here, Electrolux expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The investigators analyzed the levels of triglycerides, cholesterol and sugar in blood during the study and realised tests of general physical character to determine the state of health of the participants. The results demonstrate that in uninformed they increase to the levels of cholesterol " bueno" and cholesterol " malo" in blood, a fact that are justified to pass hunger and the stress that east fasting brings about. In answer, the organism releases more cholesterol, which allows him to use fat like power plant, instead of glucose.

Another interesting data is its influence before the diabetes type 2. In the periods of fasting they would be stopped stimulating the insulin receivers and thus they would restore its balance and they would avoid problems of loss of sensitivity to the insulin characteristic of diabetes 2. In the last study factors of risk like tobacco addiction, the alcohol and caffein considered, and also questions of the behavior, like the fact to rest a day to the week or to attend religious ceremonies of periodic way (different religious beliefs agree in the fact to use the fasting like religious practice). Hypocaloric diets and aging the aging is a programmed cellular phenomenon, in which a loss of efficiency fade in almost all the biological functions is registered, as well as one atrophies and weave degeneration, mainly, neuronal and the miocrdico. The organism becomes more susceptible before infections and traumatisms, and increases the risk of suffering degenerativas diseases and cancer. Several studies have demonstrated that to reduce the calories of the diet it extends the life. New line of investigation tries to keep awake if the hypocaloric diets could be keys to reduce oxidating stress to which are put under the molecules that conform mitocondrias and to slow down therefore the cellular aging. Source of the news: The periodic fasting can serve to prevent diseases