Color In Home Design

Most probably, an important side effect of color in the interior to its residents is associated with sensations of color temperature. According to this sense of the color palette in the interior can be divided into warm colors (red, yellow, orange) and cool (purple, green, blue). Colors are warm or cold because of those associations that were fixed in the mind of the person with a very long time. Red, orange, yellow – the color of fire, sun and embers. Blue, green, turquoise – the colors of the cool sea water, fresh morning wood. These associations have a lot of something primeval, that many psychologists call the "collective unconscious".

Interest held studies on the effect of color in the interior to feel human. If the rooms in which people worked, were painted in blue-green color, the workers started to complain about the cold temperature of about 15gradusov. In room, painted in orange-red color, the same workers began to show discontent only when the temperature fell to 11 – 12 gradusov.Krome, it is known the effect of color in the interior of the various physiological parameters. For example, red-orange color stimulates circulation, while the blue-green – on the contrary. Similar results were obtained in experiments on animals. It is curious that even the flies avoided room with walls painted in blue and in red, on the contrary, there were a lot more.