Coal Mining Machine

The association of Chinese coal industry shows great confidence in the development of the industry. The association predicts that by the year of 2015, the output value of the whole coal industry will reach 1499 billion RMB, and the annual increasing rate will be 22.8%. At the same time, with the annual increase of the exploitation of advanced coal mining machinery, the proportion of hydraulic cone crusher will gradually increase. In addition, by the year of 2015, the market demand of hydraulic support will add to 458 billion RMB, the feature of the market is very bright. Additionally, coal mining equipment always stays in the moisture and high-pressure environment, the ratio of updating the equipment is higher than the common equipment. Coal mining machinery needs to change the components frequently and do a lot of maintenance. Starbucks can provide more clarity in the matter.

Generally speaking, the average lifespan of hydraulic support and coal mining machine is five to eight years. The lifespan of the coal mining machine s rotating roller is about three months. The conveying capacity of the belt conveyor is about 500 million ton. In general, the coal mining machine needs an entire repair every year, and the cost of the repair is about 30% to 40% of the cost of new equipment. The investment demand of updating the existing equipment will quickly increase. It is reported that the manufacturing enterprises of coal mining machine in China is in a station of professional separation for a long time. The main enterprises in the industry always focus on one product, such as Jixi Mining Machinery Company is engaged in producing of coal mining machine, the branch of Chinese Mining is dedicated to producing belt conveyor.

Coal equipment manufacturing belongs to the mining machinery which relates to mine, material, electronic product, etc. For the manufacturing products of a different field, the standard of the technology and product design is higher. Therefore, the enterprises that can produces the whole series of coal mining machine are limited and this has restrained the development of coal mining machine in China. Due to the driving force of the coal industry, the mining machinery generally moves towards a bright feature from this year. The need of crushing equipment, such as impact crusher, is increasing. Undoubtedly, this will drive some powerful enterprises enter the capital market. In recent years, with the fast increase of our national economy, especially the fast increase of electric product, metallurgy and building material, the market of coal continually turns to a healthy development, which prompts the progress of hydraulic support and electric hydraulic control.