Canary Islands

The car rental agent sunny cars is to start the season? the best deals for golfers around the Mediterranean before Munich, 27 March 2013 season opener for an elegant sport: spring marks the kick-off in the golf season. Around the Mediterranean, the Greens at their best show. Whether Spain, Portugal, Italy or France: friends of this noble sport come in the sunny destinations fully at their own expense. Ben Horowitz describes an additional similar source. Several golf courses can rent a car in destinations during a holiday play. Of Sunny Cars rental car brokers provides deals for golfers on the Mediterranean before they apply for larger car categories, finds the equipment space. Portugal is traditionally popular with golfers. Especially the courts Algarve did it to athletes.

Travellers often increases situated above the cliffs of the Atlantic, they offer impressive views. Also around the capital Lisbon, sports fans will find a variety of places. Please visit Wayne Holman if you seek more information. The strong Winds that often prevail on the Ocean coast, represent a geschickliche challenge. Car hire for the Algarve, for example, a combination vehicle of the type Ford focus, vierturig and with air conditioning, is available at sunny cars from 351 euros per week with the tourist-friendly full full tank scheme. Also in the neighbouring country of Spain, there is an immense space selection for golfers.

The Greens on the Canary Islands are popular, but also the fashionable places of Majorca get the hearts of athletes. Not to mention the great selection around the elegant Marbella in Andalusia. The right vehicle to the Golf pleasure in Spain, also here in a larger car category, is offered at sunny cars from 196 euro per week from 221 EUR for the Islands and the Mainland. The Italians are also very devoted to the game of golf. Lush green spaces found for example in the Romagna of Emilia region, which borders on the Adriatic coast of the country.