Berlin Engraving

Specialists in laser engraving online find those who want to bring structures or letters on sturdy cardboard or thick paper, which has possibilities. In addition to the embossing especially laser engraving are economical and convenient alternative. Laser engravings are the filigransten and at the same time particularly gentle types be structures applied to the surface of paper and cardboard. Palegra-based specialist in laser engraving, notified in Konigs Wusterhausen in the vicinity of Berlin now on his Web page about the current opportunities and offers for laser cutting, laser perforation and laser engraving. With laser engraving surfaces appealing design In contrast to remember laser engravings offer a number of advantages when it comes to the finishing of paper and cardboard surfaces. Laser engraving allow, through the use of a laser beam very filigree motifs from the paper her much”. A corresponding processing is possible already with structures with only 1 point Strength.

Fine patterns in this way, where are no limits the subject choice of different fonts to the detailed city plan is almost everything possible. In addition to particularly delicate processing and the extraordinary haptics, laser engraving for another reason are a recommended alternative to stamping: the back of the paper remains entirely free of pressure marks, as she pulls a stamping operation is. So, even the back of the object can be reused after processing without any restrictions. Design possibilities of the logo engraving on tickets to greeting cards and gift wrap arise in this way. Expert offers affordable laser engraving for paper finishing the expert in laser engraving, informed currently on the company’s Web site about the possibilities, refining laser cutting and laser perforation Palegra paper and cardboard surfaces by laser engraving. The engraving experts advise customers competently and comprehensively about all steps in the engraving, as well as the possibilities offered with laser engraving. The website offers more information on the subject of paper finishing and allows interested parties to make an inquiry. Related links on the topic of laser engraving: Palegra in the engraver workshop & printing company Kanschur GbR Senzig Mr Christian Kanschur Chausseestrasse 159 15712 Konigs Wusterhausen Tel.: + 49 3375 9789010 fax: + 49 3375 9789011 Web: mail: laser ask at