Attract Customers

Businessmen and traders need to optimize our resources and therefore we must perform actions in which the retrieved return is not proportional to the investment made, if not much more! Little money but more impact. We must focus very well to our goal and how we got to him. Possibly you already do in your company or trade any action to attract customers like that are going to describe below, but have wondered if it makes it the most cost-effective way possible? We are going to see three actions that we can perform without investing huge budgets and keys to apply them correctly. 1.Fidelizacion: maintaining a customer costs 7 times less that pick up a new one. For this reason, we must not forget loyalty, care for and pamper our clients. Not to everyone, but those with the greatest potential. It is time for a more personalized, listen to them and discuss what other products or services may interest and offer them or, simply, to adapt them to your needs. It is time to consider him, praise him or reclaim it for your loyalty, and above all, that does not go to another trade or company that contribute you the same us and cheaper.

You should find in us a differentiating value. 2.PROMOCIONES CRUSADES: the union makes the force. If we seek complementary to our business, we can offer ingenious and innovative promotions that do not entail a high cost to businesses or companies involved in the promotion, but it is a great effect. It is time to create synergies. A good example can be found in the promotion that has made the Clinic Dexeus of Barcelona kids come with a loaf of bread under the arm that is to give during a month to all new mothers of the clinica Universitaria USP Dexeus, a box with varieties of bread Turris, decorated by Flors Zinnia with an olive branch, symbol of the Mediterranean diet. Synergies among our customers is key, not only to reduce costs, but also to create brand among our customers and achieve a greater customer loyalty.

3. Advertising in local media or magazines of the SECTOR: not hangin with ads in mainstream media since, as we have said, we must focus on our nearest field, therefore select local media or magazines of our sector, with a powerful inside our population or target audience and advertise in them, can help us strengthen our corporate image. Advertising in print media is cheaper than they can reach us seem at first glance, especially if we are hiring for a minimum period of 6 months to a year (which is also when we will be able to further strengthen our image). In addition, the advantage is that we can go modifying the advertisement in each issue, promoting at every time those services or products of our interest, and even discounted vouchers help us to assess the results of advertising. Scan if you are performing any of these actions and their results. Implement improvements in those that creates that they need it, and if you have any doubts, consult with an expert who can advise you without obligation.