For others, the empathy is empirical, it’s like an experience gained from the emotions of others through the perspectives taken from these and sympathy, defined as an emotional component of empathy. Wikipedia gives us in this regard, that empathy is the cognitive ability to feel what a different individual can perceive in a common context. Describes the intellective capacity of a person of experience the way that feels different and share their feelings, which can lead to a better understanding of their behavior or their way of making decisions. It is the ability to understand the needs, feelings and problems of others, putting in place and correctly respond to their emotional reactions. As such it is a sentiment whose development requires a certain kind of intelligence; those who suffer from autism, Asperger syndrome or certain psychopathies come very diminished this cognitive ability; on the contrary, those exercising a leadership of an altruistic nature tend to be characterized by the extensive development of this capacity.

Empathic are people able to listen to others and understand their problems and motivations, which usually have much popularity and social recognition, to anticipate the needs of others and which take advantage of the opportunities offered to them by other people. Some animals also have this capability, like the dolphin. New studies suggest that a relationship exists between the imitation or simulation of the behavior, for example the fact of yawning, and the ability to empathize; even in the animal world investigates the ability to empathize as an advantage of the evolution definitely empathy is put in the place of the other. Understand how you feel and why it feels the other. Listen and respond to the feelings of the other. It is the ability to see increasingly more positive aspects of the other, to have more aspects in common. It is the ability to listen to the other, without issuing judgments or tips, suffice perhaps it a hug, a handshake, because usually one ear that share that moment that only other needs at that time and the support.