Art Sculptures

Art sculptures and woodwork are Tilman Riemenschneider in the Gothic style, although his later work is already within the characteristics of Mannerism. His work was characterized by the expressiveness that show the faces of his sculptures (often show an introspective look, especially self-portraits) and reveals a rich detail in the representation of clothing, as well as the details that makes the folds of clothing. The emphasis on the expression of human parts, left a clear impact on their immediate followers. Some critics put Souren Melikian as his best work The Annunciation of the Virgin, placing this work at the same height as those of Albrecht D rer. The art critic Kenneth Clark sees the figures of a sample Riemenscheider serious piety in German sculpture of the era, which came to influence the sculptors who followed. Among his successors and / or students have to Breuer and Philipp Peter Koch.