I want you to do it. Do it. Be part of each other will conclude with the happiness that to remember it still gives me chills in the back.Some time later, say somehow, me di account that had passed too many hours for all feign that nothing had happened and despair began to overwhelm me. I get up, I turned on the lights and I found myself in the mirror. The surprising thing was that it had transformed me into someone different, with my same features, but really what statue made up of master of Arts and equivalent to the beauty of my recent lover. For the first time, it was good enough for such beauty of Archangel.I decided to observe it carefully while he didn’t or she saw.Dress and he slipped his arm on my waist that will support me in it and I turned face-I do not know that say it over immediately put a finger on my mouth and said; – you don’t understand. Look, we are equal, you can not go there. Not yet.After a few moments I said.-Yes, but – you’re not human. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jenna Fischer.

Neither nor deadly. I know that he scares you, but are you’ve enjoyed it and that you would do it again, have had opportunity to choose. He began to tell me that you should be at your side for having transformed in, as the had described us, not Dead.It was and would be my creator, my lover and my soul. Forever.Then review the latest data-agreement. I am a kind of vampire and I learn things to survive as you Me subject strongly with the arm attached to my waist and he corrected my analysis, saying; – you’re a vampire and mine, only mine.I smiled for the incredibility of her words and kiss me enough time so that you will enjoy what it was and felt his entire body to my fingertips, and at the end, I felt incomplete. But he quickly returned to my side so it roadblock to my ear, you will never feel incomplete. I never alejare of ti. and then I strongly take me hand to open the bolt and in spite of my hundreds of feelings, I would escape from that place, which now looked like cage for prisoner, and would go on that huge and complex new world and new life, for this strange new soul that occupied my body.But he was right on one thing, already should not fear anything because he was at his side. Ben Horowitz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Agree, les has did like? I hope Yes.Tell them that if so, they should expect the following parts (the Catalans will publish in the next few weeks). There are many doubts, problems, solutions which will be resolved in the next installments in the Goblet of blood.Greetings and than the cloak of the night the anti-retaliation.