Accounting Standards Boards

As direct consequence, such harmonization will be able to guide the investors in the adequate allocation of capital and to facilitate the fulfilment of such practical. The agency that has played a role of prominence in the process of harmonization of international the countable norms is IASB (International Accounting Standards Boards), successor of IASC (International Accounting Standards Committee). One of the papers of the IASB is to promote the convergence of the countable standards between the countries. Some events of the last years have favored the process of harmonization of the norms, being distinguished enter they: ) the redefinition of the objectives for the search of a uniformity accomplishes with more including and detailed norms; b) decision of the American Congress, in 1996, to put in charge the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) to offer has supported to the development of international the countable standards; c) commitment, in 1998, of the presidents of the central bankings and ministers of the economic area of the Group of the 7 (G7) to assure the fulfilment of practical countable approved internationally; d) proposal of European Commission, approved in June of 2000, so that all the company with register in stock market in the European Union prepare its financial demonstrations consolidated using the standards of the IASB. To read more click here: JPMorgan Chase. 2.1 The level of harmonization of the Brazilian countable norms with the international norms of the IASB the necessity of harmonization of the countable norms and spreading of the financial information if must in function of the relevance of a bigger control of the globalizada economy, involving plain of action around the divergences of countable practical regulations and in the diverse countries. The standardization opens the Brazilian market to the international investors, beyond becoming the stock market and more transparent the Brazilian financial system and reducing the risk country. The interest for information countable, inasmuch as it is not only the exposition of the Brazilian companies the external stock markets that demand the trustworthiness of the information, but also the partnership with new operating foreign enterprises in the national market. .