Abdomen And Fats

The body uses fats as it reserves energetics and blows and climatic changes serve to him to protect themselves against. When not using the energies, the fats and consumed carbohydrates of more, they are transformed into fatty acids in the liver and also they are accumulated in muscular weaves. Whereas the hips are for woman one of the majors conflicting zones where they accumulate fat, for the men the problematic area is the abdominal region. According to a study published in the magazine European Health Journal, the accumulated fat in this area represents more danger for the health, since it increases the probability of obstructed arteries and therefore it is symbol of future cardiac problems. This investigation indicates that if the diameter of the waist divided by the diameter of the hips, it surpasses to 0.91, the risk is tripled of suffering cardiovascular diseases and increases the possibility of the sprouting of other sufferings like diabetes.

The abdominal fat is accumulated by several reasons, among them we can mention: inadequate feeding, life sedentary, stress, hormones, genes, hepatic enzymes and level of triglycerides. Next we give some recommendations him that will help him to undo of that annoying and harmful abdominal fat: – A healthful and variable nutritional regime Implements and initiates a routine of exercises that helps him to eliminate the overweight. – It ingests five or six small daily meals, composed of nutritious foods of low caloric value. – It drinks like minimum two liters of water daily to maintain the body hydrated. – It avoids to consume foods like mayonnaise, chocolates, butter and ice creams.

As far as fats it decides on the monoinsaturate ones that are in foods like nuts, olive oil, fish, etc. – It reduces the sugar ingestion and it tries to make a light dinner with fruits and vegetables. Consmalos two hours before going to the bed. – A aerobic activity of light intensity Realises more during 40 minutes or. The ideal is to train in the morning since the stomach is emptiness and this causes that the fat combustion is accelerated. – Although it does not create the exercises abdominal to lower fat they consider a myth, but once it has lowered of weight and eliminated greasy abdominal, the results of this type of exercises will be well-known. Finally it remembers that what fast it goes away, express returns, so he is patient, perseverante, and it will see as improves not only his physical appearance, but also its health. Page to lose weight: Original author and source of the article