A New Benchmark For The Pricing

Bizerba presents series Dusseldorf/Balingen price labeller of GLM-I and GLM-E, may 2, 2008 the Bizerba GLM-I series sets new standards in the pricing and combines high performance in industrial continuous operation with improved characteristics in control, ease of service and hygiene. Users include including meat processing plants. There, in multiple shifts daily high tonnages are portioned fresh meat and packaged. As soon as possible, jewellery and price labels on different sides of the Pack must be placed here on the surface of each individual packing. And that especially exact, predefined each on the site.

A request for the Bizerba GLM-I is predestined. Because thanks to the modular structure of the system up to 6 different Rotary stamps – and Blasetikettierer can be strung together. The labelling is always possible from above and below. The maximum print width 168 mm, the print resolution is up to 12 points per millimeter. High printing speed of the GLM-I allows the Award of up to 150 packages per minute.

All devices of the line of distinction can on the Terminal GT-12 C touch control. This is clearly structured and easy to use. Even untrained personnel can work so flawlessly without long training periods. A homogenous integration into existing production environments and networks, as well as the connection of peripheral devices is possible without any problems. In addition, the NT of PC of drive of the industrial ensures transparency in the process control. It runs on Windows XP and receives and manages the orders coming from the computer with Bizerba advances software. The system can be set quickly on the respective order and prepared before terminating on the next in. The GLM-I can be operated in the E-service via Internet Explorer. Maintenance can be done so without the use of the suburb. With the E-mailing functionality of Bizerba award devices status and error messages automatically to the competent supervisor of the unit or can Bizerba Service Center shipping will be. By the same author: Darcy Stacom.