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Imagine that your dream – to have a website on the Internet – was carried out. You type the address into your browser and admire them. But if your goals are a little different from a mere contemplation of the work performed, the you should know – that's not all. The main work still lies ahead. Information and marketing – is the most common types of sites. The implementation of a particular product or service is the main objective selling sites, and the problem information – the publication of interest to the visitor materials or newsletters. But then who will use your services and to read your publication, if this address only you know and the couple's closest friends? Promotions site – a key stage in the webmaster who wants to receive dividends from the effort and money spent on site development. How to promote a site on their own? The first thing you should do – is to prepare the site for user group meetings.

What does this mean? Fill it with interesting content and literate, to make an attractive and convenient for visitors – to install plug-ins and develop user-friendly interface. Thanks surface preparation, site promotion achieves better results – as well as grain yields more crops in the fertile soil. Registration in search engines (Yahoo, Yandex, Google) – a further stage of optimization. It is not difficult. Filling in the registration form only takes a few minutes. How to promote a site in search engines? Provide additional assistance in optimizing your site is capable of one more important operation – add news Tape the site in rss aggregators. This operation serves two useful functions.

The first function: rss aggregators tell search engines that the site, new materials, allowing it to be indexed much faster. The second function: the announcement of your news at the same time reads its target audience, who became interested, can click through to your site. Submit your site to directories – is another way to effective optimization. It allows Multiply the number of external links to a site that will provide an additional influx of visitors. Before you proceed with the registration site in directories (Dmoz, Mail.Ru, etc.) need to find search phrases or words that your site can be found. In addition to the methods described above, there are many other methods to promote sites in search engines – this promotion with the help of contextual advertising, sale and purchase links to your site, article directories, etc. Each of the these methods can be effective if they begin to engage in close, but for the most effective site promotion, you need to use several of them. What is contextual advertising? This kind of advertising on web pages, the content of which coincides with its theme. It may be a graphical banner and text (ad). This type of advertising is intended solely for users with the same interests, which naturally increases the number of referrals to the site with a similar theme at times. The next way to optimize websites – adding articles to directories – allows you to deploy a large number of links to your website 'white' manner. It does not cause 'unrest' search engines, and high-quality, good articles will increase the popularity of your site. As a result, you will be able to earn much-needed credibility and respect, as well as get your user audience.