The Workers

per month). CALCULATION of the rate of rotation of personnel for such calculation the following formula was used: staff turnover rate: casualties in the year low inevitable X 100 average people working year-round in the company 4 taking into account that the number of casualties in the past year, amounted to 249, less 5 inevitable casualties (4 retirements and a death), and that the average number of persons working in the company during the year is 251, remains the formula follows: scholars weighted rotation of staff as one of the factors causing productivity issues. It was concluded that the replacement of an employee consumes lots of time and money. Examining and analyzing the results of both questionnaires, statistical information, from what was observed by us are in the correct position to expose the following ideas which together allow you to clearly understand why the entity has a rate of staff turnover as high, of 97%, or the impact of staff turnover has already been noticed by department heads and to ignore the economic impact, they are aware of the need for its decline. Or much of the workers are not adequately motivated and satisfied. At the same time there are levels of demotivation and dissatisfaction, which is disturbing. More than half of employees not they have appropriate levels of mood, i.e. lack of motivation which allow them to develop to the fullest.

Or based on motivation theory hygiene of Herzberg, where different motivating factors (which increase or decrease motivation and satisfied) and hygiene (that increase or decrease the demotivation and dissatisfaction) factors we have that in our case, the motivating factors of the workforce are the following: facilities, companionship, dealing with people, activities, closeness, constant learning, safe workplace, benefits. And hygiene factors: excessive load of work, attitude of the heads, tardiness of gratuities, food from the dining room, low pay, lack of material resources, attitude of the staff, interdepartmental conflicts. Or plans of the employees are not the leave the company in the short term, by what the above factors negatively affect pushing them to leave the organization or a poor performance.