Remember Adhesive

Nowadays, in any business, any stock in any shop, yes, and in the household can not do without duct tape – Scotch tape. In any situation where you need something to pack or fix you are handy tape. Industrial tape packaging made from dvuosnoorientirovannogo polypropylene (BOPP), which has a high degree of strength. The next step is superimposed on dvuosnoorientirovanny polypropylene reinforced adhesive layer. Acrylic adhesive layer must withstand the effects of low temperatures and high humidity, which allows you to store packaged in tape products in the most adverse conditions, with the tape must retain its adhesive properties.

The most popular material for packaging boxes made of corrugated cardboard – tape. The most common tape used for packaging – a width of 48-50 mm. Scotch of this size is recommended for packaging Corrugated boxes in areas with high levels of dust or low temperatures (eg, freezers on refrigerating plant, etc.). Packing tape width 75 mm is suitable for most heavy or fragile boxes. Industrial packaging tape width 50 mm and 75 mm is most often used in automatic packing lines and comes with a standard sleeve diameter of 76 mm. Stickiness of tape depends on its thickness (40, 45 and 50 microns). Sluduet noted that the packing tape has a constant thickness of the acrylic layer – 20 microns, which does not depend on the type of tape, then, accordingly, the resulting difference (20, 25 and 30 microns) and can fill the thickness of the adhesive layer. About this must be Remember, choosing one or another kind of tape.