“Secured with the right policies and closely monitor the progress of the construction is a wicked, which any proud homeowner hopes he would not apply in his case to, saying: no construction without defects”. The client may not insure against construction defects. Therefore, already during the construction, a watchful eye is important. “In the Advisor roadmap to building a house” is recommended to do a construction diary. These photos are created and the construction progress will be recorded piece by piece. This is in particular even then very important if work is partly provided in its own performance. It later comes to complaints, you can prove your so better not even to be blame for the error. Who wants to have not looking up, checks the performance of the contractor and compares them with the specifications.

It describes the desired state and contractual basis. Deviations represent defects. The called Advisor also shows what you should look for in the individual construction phases and what insurance the client in these phases necessarily needed. He contains also useful checklists to the building design. The loss, you should thoroughly inspected the construction.

Best to ask an expert or a specialist to the acceptance date. This and even intermediate inspections, involves attention to earthworks, basement walls, base and insulation, insulation material and vapor barrier, facade, floor, installations, window, doors, ensure that the flooring and roof. A construction defect is discovered to be repaired, perhaps because he could bring more damage, so must this be noted in the acceptance Protocol and be communicated to the competent craftsmen or the construction company. It is the lack of only a hairline crack in the plaster, for example, so he should not appear. It’s called a complaint of a defect complaint. This tells the construction defects causing handyman or contractor in writing by registered letter connected with a time limit to remedy the defect. Should the total amount before the repair will recommend it, a to retain adequate amount (approximately the expected costs for the removal of defects). The company does not respond to the letter, placing a grace period. Also the threat to patch the defect by an undertaking on its account or to terminate the contract, can be helpful in an emergency. Again, should the contractor is not turn, a second may be authorized affiliated with the repair. Anything helps nothing, still the legal dispute remains. The really serious construction defects show up until years later. Steve Kassin has much to offer in this field. It is all the more important to keep the date of the expiry of the warranty in the eye as well as the State of the new home. On the services under warranty for 4 or 5 years, depending on whether the civil code (BGB) or the public procurement and contract right is applied for construction works (VOB). Also the insurance completed for the protection of the object, such as the client liability insurance or the insurance of construction performance ends with completion of construction. The fire building insurance with completion of the House, transformed into the homeowners insurance.