Online Business Issues

Work in the network business and about the online business a huge amount of positive written and even more negative material. In this article we will examine all aspects and issues affecting opinions about the online business. For those who do not know what Network Marketing is not a big help. Network Marketing is the business of direct sales, that is, companies, manufacturers sell their products directly to consumers without going through wholesalers and stores, with the help of its partners. With revenue generated not only by trade allowances, but also attracted other partners.

In promoting their products, namely, direct sales using such world-renowned international companies as Avon, Enrich, Oriflame, Mary Kay, Neways, Vision, Zepter, Amway and many others. This analysis is particularly important, given the number of people engaged in them. Some statistics, global network of business turnover of 100 billion annually U.S. dollars. (International Association of Direct Sales) Amount involved in the sector of small businesses around the world, tens of millions. In Russia, up to 3 million people are engaged in the activity. Analyzing challenge prevailing views about the online business needs to pay attention to two main factors, it is a negative image and lack of information about this business. For the first time online business in Russia appeared in 1989 in place the advent of the infamous company "Herbalite" products are gradually appeared all over the country.

Unfortunately, a negative image, if not ahead, then at least caught up with the distribution of products. Negative image ingrained in all parts of the country. The reason for the negative attitude towards the company "Herbalite" and its products became extremely aggressive and illegal way to promote products on the market. Partners of the company very aggressively offering products and business, and do it anywhere, be it public transport, shops or market places in the food service or work in an elevator or in the bath. To all of this production was presented as a miracle cure all diseases and illnesses that exist in the world. After all of this negative public opinion has spread to all other companies have appeared subsequently. Significant role in shaping public opinion and had a lot of bubbles that have appeared in large numbers at the beginning, 90 years in our country. The reason was a certain similarity of structure, but unlike pyramid schemes, where there is recruitment of people who contribute to the financial pyramid piles of money, and where they sell "air" in online business people are paid to the specific sale of specific goods and income are dependent on many multi-level factors. But, unfortunately, a simple man in the street did not delve into such details. Speaking about the lack of information is necessary to mention the fact that if worldwide network of business long ago all well known, and millions are not only additional income, but also build a big business. Moreover in all the major universities are taught basics of network business. In Russia, this activity was in totally prepared environment, people do not understand strategy and philosophy is so multi-faceted and multi-level businesses. And why understanding is so structurally complex business, as usual, then just "learned" people of our country. All this has become a strong factor influencing the work of companies that have emerged in recent Godi. Companies such as Amway came to the Russian market with various products (Amway products includes hundreds of names) allow hundreds of thousands of our citizens have the extra money, and many are successfully promoting Amway business creates a really big business.