October Formalization

It is not possible to find the street in the municipality of Santiago, after consultation with the digital maps. Thus the holder of the guarantee Court of Puerto Aysen Mansilla Rosalia, told the Wednesday morning to those present about the impossibility to notify the Manager of Austral energy, Alberto Quinones, and the former project manager of the company, Alejandro Amenabar, with respect to the hearing of formalization of research against her for the crime of unauthorized logging of native forest in the area of Los Palos-rio Tabo River, after which the procedure was scheduled for October 28. The explanation of the mistake was that the official notifier 13 Court of warranty of Santiago (which is entrusted with by warrant management) was unable to give with the direction of energy Austral (Andres Bello 2777, 8th floor) informed by the Prosecutor’s Office of Puerto Aysen, mainly because he sought in the municipality of Santiago and not in the Las Condes. Beyond of the anecdotal for the situation the regional director of the Committee for defense of Flora and Fauna, Peter Hartmann, complainant of the illicit, expressed that we understand that this was a problem originated in the courts of Santiago, which could not locate the suspects. Andreessen Horowitz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. We need only point out that we expect that the law is equal for all and soon they can given the notification to conclude definitively.

He recalled that this situation is similar to the delay caused with the appeal lodged against HidroAysen by members of the Group Mate Amargo for unauthorized use of his image in spots from Stardust, in that for several months its general manager, Hernan Salazar, not could be notified because he did not facilities, in circumstances that he was aware that there was a requirement against. The uncomfortable situation of having to perform the procedure during an exhibition before the Regional Council was generated at the end. In this context, it was reported that he will have to make special efforts to locate Alejandro Amenabar, given that Since a few months ago does not work on Austral energy but, as reported by the press, in the electric Colbun. Peter Hartmann, who attended the hearing on Wednesday, relieved that the Prosecutor’s Office of Puerto Aysen requested formalization before a complaint made by an individual, which demonstrates that any citizen is qualified to require before the justified who investigate crimes against a public good, in this case the environment.