Ltd Assets

In 2001, the initiative is uniformly released from the source of non-liquid products, if a positive impact on the turnover of the means. (Addition 1). Economic the addition of the company located in a particular function from this, as soon as the funds invested in assets that are converted into real money. But certain types of assets have different agility turnover. That way, more period turnover has real assets and other non-current assets. Length of time the money in circulation is oriented joint action of a number of countervailing causes external and internal disposition.

K Total first should include the scope of business sense, industry enhancement, the magnitude of discharge and rest. Not the least effect on the turnover of the company making the financial situation in the country and related conditions of domestic companies. That way, occurring in the country, inflation, lack a well-established companies the bulk of domestic linkages with suppliers and customers lead to coercion accumulation of reserves, significantly slows down the process of cash flow. But on the Company "Breeze" for the reporting period, there has been a positive desire: to significantly decreased reserve the product at the end of 2001 (from 37,580,140 rubles to 27,914,658 rubles, or 26%) (Addition 1). The revised test inventory Ltd.

'Breeze' for 2000 and 2001 demonstrated that if the warehouses of the company has accumulated huge reserves of non-liquid which was used for the necessary amount of 6340 rubles .. Increase used assets spun out by the increase in personal funds and due to an increase in accounts payable with 26230093 now. 41024809 by now. if equal to 56%. (Addition 1). An important step in parsing the status of the money is study the characteristics of the turnover of the company's assets are used, it was permitted to outline the impact of their use. Research and test turn-around principal owns the assets used sense, that way both the their rate of turnover in the direct dependence of stay of these fundamental characteristics as the size of products, cases, services. According to the comparison with last year duration of the traffic used assets slowed to 28 days (Adds 6), though can lead to a shift in the worse position the company money. The consequence of this there was need to attract additional funds in the domestic turnover of volume of 5590888 rubles. (201,691.5 * 2.2). Quickening the turnover of the material means used for 61 days (Adds 6) allows the company to use freely in the back of 27,066,999 rubles ..