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Jaw Crusher Jaw Crusher brand ‘Zenith’ is designed for medium and coarse grinding medium grain of different ores and bulk materials, the intensity of pressure resistance which should be not more than 320 MPa. And it may be intended for the production of aggregates for gravel roadbed and construction. This crusher is widely used in fields of mine, smelting, building material, highway, railway, hydraulic engineering. In the jaw crusher with a simple swing of the material is crushed between two jaws, one of which is stationary and the other is moving – swept. The movable jaw pivotally suspended from a fixed or mobile axis and alternately close to the fixed cheek, then removed from it. In the jaw crusher with a complex swing cheek move towards each other when the approximation of the cheeks in between pieces of material divisibility crushed. Get all the facts and insights with Wuhan, another great source of information.

Swinging motion of the cheeks are rotating eccentric mechanism. The source material comes into the space between the jaws at the top. Crushed product is discharged from the bottom during the withdrawal mobile cheeks. Size of the maximal pieces of crushed product is determined by width of the output gap between mobile and fixed cheeks. Advantages: 1.

The degree of fragmentation of large 2. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has much to offer in this field. Grit uniform product 3. The design is simple, repair and use a convenient 4. High reliability and durability 5. Low operational costs Technical Data: Model Size air inlet (mm) Max. Feeding Size (mm) producer capacity So the founding company “Shanghai Zenith guided principle of care ‘for all clients’ and provides for them a high quality, high performance and comprehensive. My provide a thorough and comprehensive care, quality production, satisfactory prices.