Labor Effective Business

Popular multimillionaire investor and author Robert takes a life of many ordinary people from the rat races. Why? Because 95% percent of people living on the rules of the poor, and only 5% – according to the laws rich. And the lives of poor people eventually reduced to toil throughout life, and he goes to benefit not them, and rich employers. Robert , bred 'rich and poor fathers' – the two mentors, followers of different attitudes to finances, managed to climb out of poverty and began to teach other people how to work for themselves and be financially independent. Here's what he came through the teaching of 'Rich Dad': the cause of all material problems most people have intrinsically bad upbringing and education. Man is born, grows, goes to school and then he start to instill that he must learn, in order to find promising work and work life.

And it is – just something that needed to strive for. Home the child is subject to the same wrong upbringing. Mother and father ever since young age teaches children that the most important thing in life – to obtain a qualitative education and to find promising jobs. But they lose the most important thing – you need to inculcate human desire not to careerism, and the financial stability to financial freedom. What he sees before him any child coming home? His father works all day and night only to have to at least a little bit to move up the career ladder and earn more.