Flat Fee Advertising

Advertise your site using banner ads in two ways. The first – just to order advertising at some major web-site, preferably topically related to your subject (incidentally, all the better show themselves as advertising platforms blogs), or pay a banner network, which will show a banner on several customer sites. Advertising rates can be counted on a few principles: FFA (Flat Fee Advertising) – fixed fee for the use of space; CPM (Cost Per Thousand) – Payment of impressions in thousands of pieces; SPS (Cost Per Click) – Payment of clicks; CPA (Cost Per Action) – Payment of action on the website (for example, participate in online voting) ; CPS (Cost Per Sales) – Payment in the form of commission sales of advertised site shop. Banner networks accept payment in the CPM. Usually it is 5.7 dollars per thousand impressions in RuNet and 15 dollars in foreign Internet. The second option involves a lower cost, albeit less effective and can to approach the owners of small resources as the initial phase of the campaign.

We are talking about joining the banner network. These structures represent a 'community' sites showing banner ads on the pages of each other. Each party 'gives' more than 'get'. That is, 100 times by showing other people's banners on your site, you are entitled to, say, 80 hits of its own advertising. The remaining shows and sold by independent advertisers practicing profitability network owners. Banner ads themselves have several classifications. For example, the thematic and geographical focus, the limits on the quality of the participating sites (content, design, availability paid hosting), formats of banners, etc.