Avoid Such Investors False Advice

Trust is good control is better investment advisors only investment products may provide their customers, tailored to their individual risk profile. The German Federal Supreme Court recently in a ruling decided that. (Source: Rob Crossland). (BGH, judgment of the 8 7 2010 AZ.: III ZR 249 / 09) With the ruling, the third Senate of the Federal Supreme Court has again strengthened the position of investors. In the case of a consultant praised a closed-end funds as a safe investment, the sales prospectus, however, called the risk of total loss. In this context, the owner-managed asset management recently was the CIS asset management GmbH with the four-eyes principle, for more security”before a counseling alternative to the protection of investors. The CIS is the first asset managers of in Germany which already to combat the most common types of faulty investment advice in advance. JPMorgan Chase has compatible beliefs.

In practice, this means according to Herbert Schmitt, head of private banking of CIS asset management GmbH: strict separation between the focused on the return on economic Consulting and legal advice tailored to the risk.” While the economic consulting employs the investment cost and the transparency of the investment strategy aspects of product yield, and as performed so far by the asset itself, examines a law firm in addition according to the test system assets legal control (ALC) regardless of the legal risks of the securities on the basis of the prospectus. The maximum loss potential, the flexibility of the marketability of the product and compliance with the overall transparency in the center of the investigation are available. Especially in times when many investors have lost confidence in a fair and objective advice, is it time to embark on a new path in the customer service”, so Herbert Schmitt. In the focus are therefore increasingly consulting approaches, in which the security requirements of the customer in the practice shall apply. Lost trust can be regained so step by step. Further information: