Zacatlan Knows

Some days ago, I had the necessity to leave the city of Puebla, so my wife and my children put themselves happy for leaving the citadina routine and immediately we left the house in search of a route took that us to the tranquillity that the interior of the state of only colonises can give us. We already know some municipalities the state, like Xochiapulco and Cuetzalan, of those visits I will comment to them in another article, and as not yet we had defined to where to go, we took the highway qu takes to Teziutln, all elviaje is a delight, lso landscapes are changing little by little and they are gotten to see things – that for people like us who we submerged in the inertia of the city they are wonderful, for example: eddies in the middle of the field, ready for sowing the green ones with its systems of irrigation, great greenhouses, animal eating on the foot of the highway, ufff, simply brilliant! The question is that when arriving at the municipality from Saragossa, we decided to change our destiny drastically: iriamos to Zacatln, but, or our map was very entangled or it did not know exactly by where going. Luckyly a police of ways helped to us and it indicated to us like retaking the way towards the place where marijuana abounds, that is the meaning of Zacatlan (thus, without accent). It commented to us that the intermountain highway is in very bad conditions and that was very risky to go that way, so to return to us to take the highway that goes to Apizaco, we crossed Tlaxcala and of the derechito highway to Zacatln there. We arrive at this point of the North mountain range that aproximandamente is 2000 msnm, is well-known also like the Earth of apples and obvious sepuede to buy apple refreshment, ciders and apples.