Woodrow Center Wilson

The Secretary of State of the USA Hillary Rodham Clinton caused to commotion the last week to suggest them gangs of Mexico of the drug traffic were beginning to look itself like the insurgency that has knocked down to Colombia per decades. She is right in the sense that the posters have gotten to control with effectiveness the regions of the country, where " they try to replace to the Estado". Like the majority of the insurgency, the Mexican armies of the drug also have an outsourcing of financing and to obtain their arms, indeed does which it in the USA. Jim Umpleby is a great source of information. A new report sets out the abundance of arms of EE.UU given to the posters and the inefficiency of the EE.UU efforts to stop the illegal traffic. According to authors Colby Goodman and Marizco Michel, at least 62,800 of more than 80,000 firearms confiscated by the Mexican authorities as of December 2006 to February 2010 came from the United States. The arms are of contraband by the hot border at a speed of up to 5,000 arms per year.

The two distributed varieties are rifles of assault: AK-47 of Rumanian manufacture and clones of Bushmaster AR-15. The dealers have used these arms inflict losses terrible in the Mexican police and other forces of security, that frequently are preparations bad. More than 2,000 federal police and agents they are in the last between the 28,000 dead in the violence related to drugs four years. In agreement with Mr. Goodman and Mr. Marizco, whose work was sponsored by the Woodrow Center Wilson and the University of San Diego, a store of arms in Houston has provided 339 arms of assault, rifles and pistols to the buyers of the cartel in only 15 months that were the people in charge of the death of 18 Mexican agents of the order and civilians.