Vietnam Market

Coffee, without a doubt, a very popular drink in Ukraine. The date of his appearance in the country is considered to be in 1665, during the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich, when Ukraine was part of the Russian state. However, the wide : distribution of coffee was by Peter I. The emperor became addicted to this divine drink, being in Holland. Since that time, coffee consumption is steadily rising.

By the beginning of the XX century the territory of its imports Russian state was 569,000 pounds, which is approximately nine thousand tons. Coffee is grown for sale in nearly 60 countries. In five countries – Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Indonesia and India – account for around 70% of all the world's coffee. A place of honor historic homeland of coffee is Ethiopia. There are two main varieties of coffee – Arabica and Robusta.

In the world production share of Arabica coffee is about 75%. Category coffee is one of the most stable in the market of consumer goods. Brand loyalty is very high, and consumers give up their usual brand and switch to a cheaper only in extreme cases. Studies have shown that in During the crisis the share of consumers to switch to another brand, was negligible. Coffee market is characterized by mild seasonal: there is a temporary decline in annual sales in the summer months – by 2-4% kind – with a rebound in September. As with all hot drinks market, the high season for coffee market accounts for the winter.