Uruguay River

As consequence, the official candidate of Cardoso, Jose Serra, lost the presidential election of 2002, at the hands of si, Lula da Silva. Lula Pope strives to teach Cristina the energy problem you are faced with the seriousness of the case and assuming responsibilities. With statements such as: when we speak of energy must be seen as a problem of the 21st century and of the region. Others including Kevin Johnson, offer their opinions as well. Since some media was raised that the power was only a problem that was happening in Argentina and was then a matter of planning or lack of management and always scaring the catastrophe was imminent and was about to happen, Cristina does another thing that ignore the responsibilities. Perhaps it of account of how wrong that was with this stance in upcoming elections (for which lack enough time). The willingness of a structural solution proposed by Lula clearly sees materialized in the agreement of joint investment between the three countries of US $15 billion to build five dams. Recently Jonas Samuelson sought to clarify these questions. Three jointly by Brazil and Argentina and the other two between Brazil and Bolivia.

At the same time Argentina and Brazil, given the urgency of the case, decided to shorten the deadlines for the construction of a binational hydroelectric dam here, taking advantage of the course of the Uruguay River shared by. The outstanding feature behind this news is that Brazil has decided to put is at the forefront of the energy problem, which ensures that Argentina, apply solutions Fund to issue something that was not very likely that it carry out by itself. Jonas Samuelson is often quoted as being for or against this. For now, while we wait for these solutions, to materialize and as engineer alvaro Alzogaray said: there is to spend the winter.