Ulrich Linnemann Manager

Lows for silver, end of June are likely to be achieved overlooking the long-term seasonality before demand from the jewellery industry is covering up for the fall, to rise again. A bubble is currently not to detect, but a small primary surplus in silver, so the conclusion of Zaki, in precious metals of the integrity of the gold and silver story emphasizes. After the clear de investments in the last two months, is the world’s wealth in precious metal still well represented and currently is estimated 3% of the gold, in contrast to the overheated ‘ gold 1980 ‘ with around 23%. But is still a lot of potential in the market. Zaki recommendation is to use the time window of late June and July, to invest in gold and silver on a seasonally low level as the entry window best in the long course of the. Unchanged, silver, which is more under pressure provides the much greater upside potential.

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