The Personality

When a thief enters in a property stealing what he does not belong it, it not only attacks the property, it wounded to the principles of the man. ' ' When defending its property, the man defends itself exactly, its personalidade.' ' (p.42). In the man two distinct pains existed, physical pain and the moral. Physical pain is signal of a disturbance in the organism, of the presence of a hostile influence the same; it opens our eyes for the danger, and the suffering that cause represents a warning of that we must preventing in them. The same thing applies it the moral pain caused by the offence, for the deliberate aggression to our right.

(p.46) the offence to the honor, backwards in itself an immense will to fight for what right is had, an example of this is when a trader vende a merchandise, and does not receive its payment. This situation and others show the desire of the man to fight for what he was lost. The wealth and the acquired profit, not backwards lesser danger for the legal feeling, for the opposite it shows the work as constant form of the value and the wealth of the property, making the man, to value what it was profit. The communism is not fit in these characteristics, therefore ' ' … only can prosper in the quagmires where the idea of the property retroceded for false ways; it is not known in the sources of propriedade.' ' (p.52). The right does not only reach the material land, but also the part of the personality of the individual, reaching a true fight for the right for the maintenance of its character. Ihering arriving at a certain part of its workmanship makes a separation: It ties here I looked for to develop the first one of the two proposals for me formulated: the fight for the right is a duty of the individual for obtains exactly.