The Merits

Chairs I are designed for kids from 9 months to 4 years old, weighing 9-18 kg. They have already established face in the direction of motion, because the kid confidently holds his head – so he did not threaten. Category ii designed for 3-7-year-old children weighing 15-25 kg. A category iii – for children from 5 to 12 years old, weighing over 20 kilograms. When I determined that I need the chair of the "0 +", I went to the Children's World ".

But there I was waiting for yet another surprise – a huge choice of seats for various devices and colors. Again had to seek assistance from an experienced daddy. At this time I was advised to pay attention to the material from which made the chair. Framework must be metal, because plastic is very fragile. It is important that the very seat was equipped with their own belts, which will provide greater safety for your baby. Buckles on the straps is also better than metal – so less likely their failure. But for the choice of fixing the chair in the car had to apply to a consultant. I have demonstrated all three types, as telling about the merits and the drawbacks.

Seat belt can be attached to staff security, but in most cases, the belt will be held in the neck, baby, and it is very dangerous. Although such models are the cheapest – yet from them should be abandoned. Another way to fasten seat – mounted to the seat belt.