The Illusion

other very small things that of the one to forget, to leave to pass beaten. Has people that it complains in such a way, that passes the illusion of that is in fact unhappy e, worse, finishes believing. It starts to live of form to convince to the world that it is unhappy. In the majority of the svezes, they are people whom they invest in its proper misfortune, in all the spheres of the life. People wake up! She wakes up soon! To be Coadjuvante or Protagonista is a choice its. After all the life is its. It acts in it with claw, it shows the one that came and it makes something new. It starts believing that you can change same as person and there she goes to obtain to change the situation.

It raises, it arranges its life, it cleans the drawers of the memory, takes off there of everything it dislikes what you makes and you badly and goes to the fight. It traces a new plan. But it traces exactly! It writes, it draws and it places to the front of its eyes. Therefore you go to always need it. When to feel that treacherous and the liar idea of failure this coming back, presents its strategy and orders to it lead I discourage in it. After all, if it was a friendship or a work pleased that you, you would go to invest everything and to give its better. Then it gives its better. It makes something new.

If all its strategies falahrem, scratch out another one, after all its beautiful cabecinha this there for this. It today starts to be as this exemplary woman. It does not show to the others its strategy, it does not count to the others its intention, more fights for everything what it believes. It forgets princes and princesses and it goes the life, to fight for the life, its ideals. After all, the life without fight not valley memso the penalty. It runs behind, it moves what it will have that to move to bring joy to its life and goes to discover the pleasure that is to fight day the day per that if it believes. Ester lived its life as coadjuvante, simply because it understood that one day would go to protagonisar something spectacular. lived for this. It n