Stephan Dorfner

So it explains that some of the packages it is to check also the characteristics of the young companies on market opportunities and sales capability. Especially early sales successes are vital to the success of many startups to generate a first cash flow as quickly as possible. Many young entrepreneurs put Michael Louis, Managing Director of lead factory explains at the beginning but much value on branding, their equipment or conventional advertising article. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ben Horowitz by clicking through. So that companies can afford effective marketing activities, focusing on online marketing is the lead factory growth packages. Source: Keith McLoughlin . It goes to create visibility in the Internet, to match user guidance and navigation on dialogue and order, and to represent its own offering concise and intelligible.

The three key criteria are also with in the Internet small budgets to operate successful customer acquisition, so Mark Muschelknautz. Such a way that maturities of three to six months for startups are financially to shoulder, because working marketing is always the result of sustainable, ongoing activities, packages are lead factory. To the lead factory makers rely on a combination of monthly rental model and financing. For more information see. Press contact: Mark Muschelknautz LeadFabrik GmbH & co. KG Berlin road 257 63067 Offenbach am Main, Germany telephone: +49(69)9855946-222 fax: +49(69)9855946-229 E-Mail: about the company: our motto: we produce new customers.

We offer all the services that are necessary for – sales, advertising, online marketing in an automated process via an Internet service platform. Our customers are advised what marketing and sales tools are most effective for them. So is the plan for an individual or preconfigured campaign. Via our Internet platform can this campaign plans are then implemented and operated over a defined period of time. To monthly costs. Results and trends from these measures are always transparent and measurable. Lead factory maintains a nationwide network of connected, certified partner, which provided as part of campaigns are booked. These include marketing consultant, as well as creative and programming specialists. We focus on online marketing, because the German medium-sized businesses in the international comparison here has the most catching up to do. In addition, coverage and cost structures of Web-based measures are today more attractive than conventional advertising. The founder of the lead factory is composed of medium-sized entrepreneurs and marketers, including Michael Louis, co-founder of the US software manufacturer Mindjet and formerly entrepreneur of the year in the field of ICT, Stephan Dorfner, family entrepreneur and former CEO of Gebruder Dorfner GmbH & co. kaolin-and Crystal quartz sand works KG, as well as Founder of 1stplan GmbH. Albrecht Ackermann and Mark Muschelknautz complete the team and bring together more than twenty years in operational marketing for various companies and agencies experience.