Spa Swimming

Part-time and promoted to the ‘leadership for bad companies’ a central theme in everyday life by masters for bathing establishments is competent assistance in all specific hazardous situations of everyday professional life and the transfer of this knowledge to trainees. It is for accidents of vital importance that a sure and think about trading first responders to the point is that his duties at the end of the rescue, summon professional assistance and support. Here of course of the BSA-Akademie is Executive for bad companies, with the companies prepare their employees for the demanding work as master of bath businesses. The part-time qualification prepares optimally marked on the recognised exams One for bath establishments prior to and including also deals with topics such as rescue and swimming (in theory and practice). The state-certified and approved BSA course is suitable for people who seek no master craftsman, themselves but would recommend for executive functions in a bathroom. Personal requirements are met, a promotion by the federal employment agency is possible. About 90% of all drowning emergencies occur in public and private swimming pools, lakes and rivers. Therefore, it must be the specialists in bathrooms always up to date training. The drowning death may be defined as State, which is approx. 3-5 minutes after the cardiac arrest (clinical death). The chance for a successful revival on less than 50% is decreased after four minutes of cardiac arrest. Within the framework of the course module, rescue (in theory and practice) BSA qualifying participants acquire leadership for bad companies”important bases for the professional behavior at er Trinkung emergencies in swimming. Among other things help Bader rules to improve the safety in a bathroom. Here the most important Bader rules at a glance: note the water temperature and any Temperature stratification. Jump off never heated the water cool before you. Due to extreme temperature differences, the danger of circulatory failure. Extremely cold water temperatures can occur especially when standing natural waters (E.g. Lakes) in shallow water. Do not bathe with full stomach. The blood is required at full stomach to digest the food in the stomach and in the intestine. How long this takes depends on the type of food. The jump in the water (the colder, more) blood is needed but to warm the body periphery and to bring nutrients to the muscles. The blood will be deducted from the digestive process, the half-digested food spoils. The bather is bad and can cause vomiting. The danger is that the float in panic device on the vomit swallowed (laying of the respiratory tract, Stimmritzenkrampf) and stifled. This is called also the death of stomach”. Swim or dive due to the extreme risk of collisions with jumpers never in the field of jump systems. Warning: danger of falling! Not running on hard, may be slippery surfaces, especially on the edge of the pool. Leave the water, if you freeze and you dry off well. Water is a good conductor of heat (25 times better than air). With severe hypothermia, circulatory failure may be the result. The evaporative cooling can be minimized by good drying. Push never others in the water. There is a risk of collision with the edge of the pool and other swimmers. Leave the water when storms or thunderstorms. This risk exists only in free and natural pools. There the waves and currents can form. During thunderstorms, the danger of electric shock. Do not bathe with broken eardrums. Ingress of water into the middle ear influences the balance organs and can lead to a loss of orientation. This can cause dizziness, vomiting, loss of orientation under water and a spiral dive to the pelvic floor. This is also called ear death”. Do not go under the influence of drugs, medicines or alcohol in the water. There is the danger of hubris and Disorders of consciousness. Use no inflatable floats in deep water than non-swimmers. Risk of drowning when a possible defect. Avoid or be careful at the cross swimming aquatic plants, here are possible confusion and panic. Don’t jump into murky waters of unknown depth and terrain condition here not visible? Note the instructions of the personnel of the bath and the displayed warnings, because it itself not all hazards can be assessed and recognized. Executives for bad firms”open up career opportunities in a market, promises the on reason of development towards health promotion and prevention of future potential. Professionals in the field of bathroom equipment Guide and monitor the operation of the bath, are responsible for the technical facilities, guide the training of junior staff and lead the staff. You optimize the processes and customer service. In addition they participate in marketing concepts, advertising and Public relations. You give swimming lessons and provide their expertise in rescue and first aid for the safety of bathers. You can operate both in local outdoor – and indoor swimming pools and private (fun) bathrooms. Other areas such as hotels, Spa facilities, fitness, hospitals, medical facilities or clubs with large swimming areas provide additional fields of activity. The BSA Academy students teach part-time in the form of distance learning and compact attendance phases. So, students can vote their skills optimally with professional and private obligations. “The compact presence phases of the BSA course leadership for bad firms” are completed at the training centre in Saarbrucken, Germany. Registration to the in-service training course, approx. 12 months includes distance learning and attendance lessons (in blocks with a duration of 3 to 6 days) 30 days, is possible at any time. The which a promotion can be personal requirements by the federal employment agency. Information under Tel. 0681/68 55 0 or on the Internet at bad businesses.