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How to promote a site? Free promotion does not necessarily mean a bad result. You just have to do everything myself. Either you spend a lot of money to entrust this work to specialists, or doing it yourself, do not spending a penny. After creating the site every beginner webmasters question arises: how to promote a site? Now the main goal is to attract as many targeted visitors, because if the site nobody will go, then why did he created all? Promotion and site optimization very time-consuming job, but believe me, it finally come true – you have many visitors, which means that if even there is a goal and earn-will profit. Many owners will sooner or later there is a desire to earn through the site, at least to pay for hosting. How to promote a site without any investment? Possible to do without any costs, but efficiency will be lower because you need to spend money even for a paid domain and hosting, this factor also plays a role in site promotion. Get more background information with materials from Ben Horowitz. Some other minimal expenses will have to make: the registration in catalogs, buying links, etc. Web site promotion can be done in several ways: * Search engine optimization – 30% – 50% of all visitors come to websites with search engines, so the proper website optimization is important aspect of his promotion.

* Increasing the number of links to your site – the more sites you refer, the more you learn about, increase the number of visitors increased tci and pr. * Competent content (the contents of the site) – the people come to the Internet primarily for information. Therefore, your site should be a unique material that will be of interest to visitors. * Distribution of articles with a backward link – if your article is to present quality, then people read it, be sure to pass on the link to your website. * Updated content – if the site will be constantly updated interesting articles and news, the visitors will return to it again and again. And it's not all. More information on how to promote a site you can read the article.