Russian Federation Company

The company ‘Lehr’ has more than 14 years producing goods for industrial consumption. Among our customers – not just large enterprises, but also representatives of small and medium business, legal and individuals. Nowadays we produce over 140 kinds of products. Special niche in our production occupy cooperage. Besides the main products, our company launched production of barrels and casks of industrial size.

Bitters produced and infused in our barrels, one of the Russian distilleries, was recognized as the best in 2007, the exhibition ‘PRODEXPO 2007’ and won the Grand Prix. Our production is not only a great gift, but also helps to give your product a unique taste and flavor! Hurry up with us to establish contacts and to occupy a niche in the Russian business! We are not resting on our laurels and constantly replenish the product line. Our company provides free delivery to the travel agency to send to the regions. All products are certified. Our clients: The beer restaurants ‘YORSH’ of ‘Tatspirtprom’ KAZAN Distillery – Branch of JSC “Tatspirtprom ‘Company’ Armenian wine ‘Moscow Wine and Cognac Plant’ KiN ‘RUSSIAN NATIONAL UNION LTD Beekeeper” Kuban-wine’ Supermarket Chain ‘ANDREEVSKIY’, Nizhny Novgorod Caviar Company ‘Shalanda-M, Moscow, the Moscow theater studio n / Tabakov Studio’ Vertical ‘Food Factory’ KREMLIN ‘OOO’ Apple Spas “- natural cider Our hotel ‘NATIONAL’ Oil company Lukoil gas company Gazprom We offer: Oak barrels, ankerki, barilki for alcoholic beverages oak barrels, sudziny, kubelchiki for pickling of vegetables, mushrooms, fish … Font Bath utensils, pots, chairs Tueski linden honey oak firewood oak sawdust Footwear accessories Delivery: For individuals, our company delivers in Moscow within the Ring Road. Free shipping on orders total of 50 000.

For orders 50 000 rubles – delivery fee, and is 500 rubles within the Ring Road to the entrance. Raising the floor on + 200 rub. Delivery is carried out only after full payment of the order and by prior arrangement with our representative of the time and place of delivery. Payment for orders is made a receipt of the Savings Bank of Russian Federation, which you can print when ordering. Payment should be made upon receiving the order. For entities terms of delivery are discussed individually.